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Start growing your hair longer and faster today with our New Revolutionary formula of hair growth nutrients!

Just 2 Easy-To-Swallow capsules a day nourishes your hair from the inside out, helping you get healthier, longer hair fast.

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Faster Hair Growth Vitamins

1 Bottle - $24.99

2 Bottles - $39.99 (only 19.99 each)

3 Bottles - $58.50 (only 19.50 each)

4 Bottles - $75.96 (only 18.99 each)

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Want long hair faster? HF37 Vitamins core advanced formula helps you get faster growing, healthier hair.

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Hair Vitamins + Protein Booster Set

$49.99 retail value

30 Day Supply - $44.99

2 Months Supply - $84.99 (only 41.99 each)

3 Months Supply - $119.97 (only 39.99 each)

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Get an extra boost! For extremely damaged/slow growing hair, add the Protein Booster to your order of HF37 vitamins and save!

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Complete Fast Hair Growth Kit

$69.97 retail value

30 Day Supply - $59.99

2 Months Supply - $99.98 (only 49.99 each)

3 Months Supply - $143.97 (only 47.99 each)

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Our most popular hair growth kit. Includes Vitamins, Protein, and Minerals...everything you need for long, beautiful hair.

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Hair Protein Amino Booster

$24.99 retail value

1 Bottle - $19.99

2 Bottles - $31.99 (only 15.99 each)

3 Bottles - $43.50 (only 14.50 each)

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Add-on protein supplement works to strengthen hair and boost growth.